Provide a superb focal point your room with a Solid Fuel Stove....

Wood Burning Fires, Solid Fuel and Gas Stoves.


From traditional stoves with enduring design appeal, to impressive state of the art contemporary stoves, our extensive range of wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves make a great addition to any property and are an extremely cost effective and energy efficient way to heat your home.

 Being available in both inset and freestanding designs and a choice of sizes, colours, finishes and heat outputs, our wood burning stoves, multi fuel or Gas stoves will enhance any room and add character and class to any home or property.

Wood burning stoves are fantastic heating appliances providing your home with great heating performance and that wonderful cosy feel of a real fire. Where as an open fire will lose a lot of its heat up the chimney, a stove holds that heat. With a wide range of designs from contemporary styles to traditional models.

We are stockist of stove Accessories too......

A range of accessories designed to help you look after your stove both inside and out. Products to make using your stove easier such as heat resistant gloves and products to make your stove safer to use such as chimney and flue cleaner which can prevent chimney fires.


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“What size stove will I need for my home?”

There are a several factors to take into account when buying your stove; the age of your property, the room size, number of windows, insulation etc. We are here to help with help and advice every step of the way.

“I don’t have a chimney – can I still have a stove?”

Yes you can! However you may need to seek relevant local planning permission, so do check with your local borough council. We can help install a ‘twin wall’ system, which will allow your stove to emit smoke safely and effectively out of your property.

“What is the difference between a multifuel and woodburning stove?”

Wood burning stoves have flat fuel beds, because wood burns most effectively on a flat bed of ash with air for combustion coming from above. Multi fuel stoves are fitted with grates, as coal and smokeless fuels need to burn on top of the grate, with air entering from beneath the fire.